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I would like to assure all current and new customers that I take your safety very seriously. I have strict safety procedures in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and will be pleased to discuss managing risk for your own particular circumstances.

BEFORE coronavirus I always operated the business with strict regard to safety procedures which protected me as well as you and your property. I used appropriate sheeting to protect floors and carpets and effective dust control being the norm. Use of proper p3 dust masks and protective gloves also being standard practice.

I now have ENHANCED protection in place:

When contacting me to book an appointment I will need to confirm that the household has been free of coronavirus symptoms for at least 7 days and I will confirm whether that is the same for my household. I will repeat this again on the day of the visit

Government and medical advice on distancing, hygiene and use of PPE are central to my enhanced protection procedures which with your help and cooperation are designed to keep both your household and my own household safe.

There are a number of practical things which I will discuss with when making your booking which will support safe practice.

  • How we can maintain safe distancing throughout my visit.

  • PPE and hygiene control, before, during and after sweeping.

  • Preparing your fireplace or appliance ready for sweeping, ensuring that the route to your chimney is clear and accessible.


With regret I’m unable to accept tea and biscuits for now 😊.

If you need advice or wish to make a booking, please call me 07903418138  01434685496

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